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This is a great example of what libraries can do to promote themselves as part of National Library day. I particularly enjoyed the creative element; visitors expressing their love of libraries through words and picture.

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To celebrate 400 years of Bristol libraries, and to coincide with national libraries day, Bristol Central Library hosted a ‘behind the scenes’ tour at their beautiful building on College Green.

Rusty Squid’s animatronic ‘Book Hive’ (discussed in previous post, ABC: Art, Books and Curious Cats) was still fluttering, shimmering and swarming in the entrance foyer, whilst in the main lending library, artist Joff Winterhart and Writer Sara-Jane Arbury were helping visitors express their love of libraries in words and pictures.  Haikus and doodles were the order of the day, all stuck to a communal display.  And yes, I did join in.  Both of these artworks are designed to bring the public together, aiding interaction with the massive array of resources on offer at Bristol Library.

Kathryn McDermott led the tour, and her passion for the building was infectious.  It was built in 1906 by Charles Holden (who also designed many…

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