#SaveLibraries posters

What if the #savelibraries campaign had taken place in World War One? How might it have been fought?

A great set of posters using basic statements with a call to action.


5394928561_8b84b1819d_b 5395526182_2940b240ca_b 5395637850_74a434fce1_b 5395663880_289105f699_b 5398040089_3b76b1e464_b 5398565752_c2d2cd0952_b 5413778598_8aebe149c7_b 5413890320_3ee02d15c1_b 5413914290_801ffe9503_o 5416929471_372778e75b_b 5418424044_d685dfa1e3_b 6515972207_1b9eb51dfe_b 6515972857_deda0f3544_b


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