Photo Story Project for Your Library


I know we have already talked about the importance of creating a story for your library. But I was wondering if you all knew about Photo Story. Photo Story is free downloadable software (for window users only) that allows you to put pictures together and either add voice or music to them to create a video. This is a great way to market your library’s story.

You can either collect the pictures yourself or have your patrons take and email you the pictures. Both methods have an advantage so you will need to decide which method to use. You will have more control over the story if you take the pictures. However, if you allow your patrons to take the picture then you not only allow them to tell the library story through their eyes but you allow them to feel like they are more a part of the library.

Personally, I would go for the latter,  as summer is coming to an end and school is starting up again so I would put a different spin on the whole thing. I would let your teen patrons/users take the pictures, allowing the library’s story to be told through their eyes. You can decide to use the software’s music or you can have the teens write a description and caption for their pictures or you create an event allowing the teens to record their voices into the Photo Story. This way you get teen users involved in library promotion and they promote to other teens that might not be using the public library. This is great way to be seen as a relevant third space for teens, especially right at the beginning of the school year.

Here is a video that I made for another blog (Global Jaunts) just to give an example of Photo Story if you have not seen or heard of it before now.


Library Branding

A brand provides the community with a clear understanding of what your library is for and the value that you add.

Good vs. Bad Library Branding


  1. Simple, yet attention-grabbing
  2. Keeps people interested
  3. Shows dedication to objectives
  4. Obvious brand personality


  1. Wrong name
  2. Name without meaning
  3. Disconnected logo
  4. Misjudges community
  5. Disregards feedback

Goals of Branding:

  • Deliver the message clearly
  • Create loyalty
  • Connect emotionally
  • Confirm your credibility


  • What is my library for?
  • What skills do I need?
  • Which services will meet my patron’s needs?

Brand Elements

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Tag Line
  • Graphics
  • Font
  • Shapes
  • Colors

Prezi Slideshow

Library Slogan Ideas

  • Connecting Communities

  • Where People and Ideas Connect

  • A Gateway to Knowledge

  • Infinite Possibilities

  • Your Library, Your World

  • Information! Imagination!

  • Opening Doors to the  Future

  • Connect. Learn. Grow.

  • Knowledge Without Boundaries

  • Never Stop Learning

  • A World of Possibilities

  • Enriching Lives

  • Ideas. Information. Inspiration.

  • Turn a new page

  • Open Doors. Open Minds

  • Satisfy your curiosity.

Connect. Discover. Communicate. Collaborate. Engage. Read. Think. Learn.

Dream. Read. Succeed.

Vast Knowledge.