#SaveLibraries Campaign

Libraries are some of the most active users of social media and it is no surprise that many have taken to using new media to spread their message and in serious cases promote their cause. Some of these campaigns are started by librarians others have purely grassroot orgins. Some are targeted only/mainly to their fellow librarians, while others are meant for everyone.


Why they did it : Over 375 libraries in the UK threatened with closure due to budget cuts

What they did : Users on Twitter began tweeting “”Libraries are important because … [fill in your answer & RT] “, with hashtag #savelibraries. Done initially in support of UK Libraries but spread to the US.

A search shows that #savelibraries has in fact being a tag used on Twitter as far back as March 2010 but here we are talking about a specific use that occurred in Jan 2011. See later for more details

How it started : Started spontaneously by Shropshire ICT lecturer @MarDixon , supported by Voices for Library.

Result: According to Twend.it , #savelibraries has trended WorldWideUK/London,  and United States with the longest in UK (6 hours on 16 Jan 2011). (It also benefited possibly from the effects of the next case below) .

There were 12,000 tweets of this according to Topsy in just 1 week!



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