Silver ADDY: UNC Charlotte J. Murrey Atkins Library Branding Campaign

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Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 08

Design by studio Mozaika.

Regional Library “Aprilov – Palauzov” – Gabrovo is the largest publicly accessible and rich library fund by the municipality and region, one of the first during the Renaissance.It is the spiritual successor of the first Bulgarian public library established in Aprilovo School in 1845 as part of its fund and the personal library of Vasil Aprilov foundations of urban community center library in 1861.

Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 01Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 02Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 03Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 05Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 09Regional Library Aprilov Palauzov identity design 11

Dubai Public Library concept

An organization that was established long ago, but due to limited promotion, lacked awareness.

The challenge was to create a brand for the library that would change perceptions in the market of what a “public library” is. The look and feel is inspired by the beauty of the written word, and how they can trigger the imagination to build a world of possibilities.




Omaha Public Library – Rebranding


Libraries are just about books, right? Hardly. But that’s the perception Omaha Public Library was facing when they came to us. To demonstrate the range of media, resources and other services the Library has to offer, we created a new identity introduced via posters, television, radio, outdoor and, naturally, inside the libraries themselves. At a glance, the appearance of the new logo is that of a cohesive whole, but much like the Library itself, the closer you look, the more there is to find. Digital, books, ideas, films, you name it. Proving that librarians are more than just bookworms – they’re masters of multimedia.

Omaha Public Library PosterOmaha Public Library Poster Close-upOmaha Public Library Membership CardOmaha Public Library Poster Series 1Omaha Public Library Poster Series 2Omaha Public Library billboard