Mcr Literature Festival 2012

I love this!
“Signs of a different approach to promoting literature

Literature is high-brow, right?
So if you want to promote it
in a way that grabs the attention
of arty intellectual types, you need
to use lots of long words, quotations from Shakespeare, and poetic metaphors, don’t you? Um, not on this occasion. For our sixth successive Manchester Literature Festival, we decided to fly in the face of convention and use ultra-tacky “Golf Sale” type signs, brandished by miserable-looking folk in rubbish costumes –
who also acted as human signage at each event. A vernacular idiom, one might say, applied, paradoxically, to a higher
form of literary expression.”

Mark Studio




Family Library poster is banned from Scottish railways

Part of a poster campaign created by Family for The National Library of Scotland, which was launched to raise awareness of the huge variety on offer in its collections in Edinburgh, has been banned from the country’s rail stations.

The poster entitled ‘Punk’ has been banned by ScotRail’s advertising agency CBS Outdoor as it believes it could cause offence, although the five other posters in the campaign will be allowed to run.


Come With One Story & Leave With Another

This is an amazing poster campaign for a book exchange initiative in Colombia. Each poster features a subtle mesh up: Snow White/Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter/Troy, Little Red Riding Hood/Moby Dick. The headline reads “Come with one story and leave with another’. Brilliant! Take a minute to see all the details.


Snow White/Sherlock


Harry Potter/Troy


Little Red Riding Hood/Moby Dick.


Words Create Worlds

There’s nothing like reading a great book and getting lost in the story. It’s almost as if stories jump out of books, just like these ads illustrate. Great execution by advertising agency Kaspan, who created these ads for Anagram bookshop, located in the city of Prague. “Words create Worlds,” the ad states.